Imagination. Creative thought. Artistry. Things I’m not particularly skilled in.┬áBut like that other thing, I know it when I see it.

Exhibit A.

My kids decide they want to have a backyard movie night to go along with our patio picnic. Knowing we don’t have a projector I didn’t think the idea would go that far, but they did. All it took was some paper, tape, a marker, their dad and a little imagination. From concept to execution, not a minute and a half went by. Before I even knew what was happening we were sitting down to Despicable Me 2. Really. This is the power of imagination.

photo 2

They even had movie snacks as they talked through the scene.

photo 1

Here’s a close up , which my husband sketched from memory in about .05 seconds.


For those with creative challenges like me, here’s the movie reference.

photo 4

All in all, a great dinner-and-a-movie kind of night. And for me, a great lesson in the value of imagination. Use it, don’t lose it.