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A new day

Today I’m doing something I haven’t done in more than a decade. Start a new job.

As I step away from Y&R Austin, I have terrific memories and friendships that mean the world to me. There are work accomplishments, of course, but when I look back at my 13 years on Mars, it’s the people I think of most. We say “once a martian, always a martian” and it’s true. I’ve already been drafted to plan the next SMEX happy hour. A duty I’ll take very seriously, I promise you.

And it’s for people that I’m doing what comes next, serving as a HR and operations specialist at Gateway. I’m excited about being able to use my talents in a way that will make a positive impact on our city and beyond. And this move will also give me the opportunity to consult with partner companies in the communications field and non-profit environments. Firsts can be scary, but a few butterflies never hurt anyone. In fact, it’s what often makes us fly.



Please don’t…

From one HR professional to another, please don’t suck. Really. We could have our own SNL sketch on it.

My take is that we tend to forget about the “human” part of the job description. Yes, we have to pay attention to law, process and procedure. But we can do that nicely. We can do that with humility, grace and good humor. And in a way that it actually becomes appreciated. So that’s it. Remember we’re all human and it’s our job to manage our human resources.

So let’s review.


Remember we’re all human
Be nice
Show humility and grace
Treat others as we’d like to be treated
Be strategic
Follow the law
Have a sense of humor