Everyday ministry

My friend Jamie recommended Jennie Allen’s new book Restless so I’ve been reading through it, and y’all, I’ve lost count of the nuggets of wisdom I’ve highlighted. And I’m not a highlighter. But this one particularly resonated with me:

“Often we applaud exceptional ministry
and miss the everyday ministry that nobody sees.”

This is so true. Do you think of the neighbor bringing you a meal as ministry? Do you think you’re ministering when you pick up a friend at the airport? Or do laundry? Clean the bathroom? Or head up a PTA project? You should! This loving kindness changes things. It helps people. And it brings joy.

Turns out I’m really good at the everyday ministry. I’ll invite you over and I’ll watch your kids. I’ll bring you food and organize a needed girl’s night out. I’ll listen to you, love you and (rarely) judge you. Hey, nobody’s perfect. But until this moment I’ve never thought of this as ministry. It’s just who I am. And that’s a beautiful thing. And an embarrassing thing to write about! But that’s the problem. We don’t talk about our gifts so they’re not thought of as gifts. My intent is not to boast but to celebrate God’s created abilities. And you should start celebrating yours! Let’s have a party! I’ll host.

Now, is this the only calling God has on my life? I don’t know. I’m only halfway through the book. Smileys

But I know that’s where I am now – in the midst of everyday ministry – and I’m going to be more intentional with it.

I highly recommend Restless and you can join in the online book club each Monday night with Jennie and Jamie, as well. Happy reading!


Excerpt From: Allen, Jennie. “Restless.” Thomas Nelson, 2013-11-01. iBooks.