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I don’t remember how I first heard about IF:Gathering. It was early 2014 and it may have been a friend. It was likely social media. But however it was, I found myself sitting, alone, in front of my computer watching the live stream. Anybody with me? The teaching was on point, the worship moving and the women were simply stunning. Their beauty radiated from within. From God. And still, when buzz started around the 2015 registration, I didn’t make plans to attend. I maybe had a passing “I’ll catch some of that online again if I have time” but it wasn’t real. And then I got an email from Deb.

“Registration for IF is about to open, you wanna go?”

And that’s all it took. Interest and an invitation from a friend and there we were: IF.

I’m so, so very grateful.


Side note: girls, if you think of a friend, tell them. If you want to do something with a friend, ask them. It means the world.

What is IF? I keep getting that question. It’s really a question itself. IF we believe…? So there’s no one answer. I’m still processing all I experienced but the thoughts that come to mind are:

A gathering place
Honest teaching
A conversation
Too big
Too much
Not enough
A taste of God

Many of my take-aways can be found on Twitter. What can I say? I like to live tweet events. So check it out, but here are some of my favorites:



So what now? What do we do with this? It’ll be different for each of us, but my prevailing thought is TAKE THIS TO MY PEOPLE. I’m on staff at a church and I want every. single. woman. at Gateway to experience God in this way. So I don’t think I’ll be at IF:Gathering next year. Instead, find me hosting an IF:Local for 2000 of my favorite church ladies.

In the meantime, let’s dig into God’s word. Let’s breathe it in. Live in it. IF was a weekend. A great weekend. But if it’s just that then we dishonor the women who taught us and the God that gave them the words. Let’s take this back to our homes and neighborhoods and churches and grocery stores and schools. Let’s be women of action.

Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith…
Let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works…
{Hebrews 10:22-24}

Hello again

This weekend I attended the IF: Gathering. It’s a beautiful movement that I will talk more about in the coming days, but first, I feel like I should tell everyone where I’ve been the past eight months. I honestly hadn’t realized it had been that long since my last post! For the love, what have I been doing? Well, IF helped me see that it’s time to put keystroke to WordPress once again. I have a voice and there are things I’d like to say. So let’s take it back to June of 2014, when I told you about my experience in Haiti.

One of the things I learned from my Haitian brothers and sisters was how to live completely in the moment and appreciate every. little. thing. I came back with a desire to be fully present in this life God gifted me and I didn’t know how to do that and also observe the moment at the same time. Observation is kind of important to writing and apparently I’m a very bad multi-tasker. So to answer the question what have I been doing? Well, that.

I’ve been living.

  • I started a women’s group where nine strangers are now starting to do life together.
  • I substituted at my kids’ school – and that will take a whole other blog, and maybe counseling , to fully digest.
  • I stepped into a volunteer role at my church where I’m able to use my ability to communicate and connect with others and share the values of our church – and also explain why we do things the way we do. Sometimes it’s takes a lot of explaining, in the best way.
  • I’ve stood in front of thousands and shared my story of meeting our sponsor child so in turn others picked up that call and lives are being changed.
  • I began serving at the food pantry.
  • I date my husband.
  • I have the neighbors over.
  • I’m planning a family trip to Haiti because everyone should find a place not like their own and go there.
  • I’ve walked with friends in the midst of devastation and despair and I’ve seen them come out on the other side.
  • I bought a foosball table.

I’VE LIVED. And now I want to tell you about it. Not because what I’m doing, have done or will do is anything. IT’S NOT. I am nothing. BUT GOD IS. And let’s glorify him together. Let’s live in his presence and then talk about it. Let’s share the good and the ridiculous and the sad and the beautiful and the real. It’s time. It’s time I learn how to multi-task. Thank you IF for shaking me awake. For reminding me there are seasons for everything and my Spring is here. I don’t know where God will lead me, or you, but I’m excited to find out.


For anyone stopping by here today hoping to check out my professional credentials, you’re probably confused. #sorrynotsorry

This blog started out as a place for me to file my thoughts on culture, employee engagement, leadership and general human resource practices. And those things are still  here. But it’s so much more now and I hope you’ll stick around.

Love is a choice

We have Aqua Notes in our shower. Maybe a little TMI but stick with me. It was a fun little Christmas gift for my husband since he’s a creative  director and often has ideas in inconvenient places. Pat me on the back for being so thoughtful. And it’s a gift which he has used for that purpose exactly zero times. Because our kids have filled it up with I Love You notes.  Which is adorable. But this isn’t about that, so stick with me.


Sure, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to know my kids are moved to express their love for me, their father and sibling in writing. But it’s never brought me to tears. Until this morning.


Let me translate: “I love you. If I had to pick a family I would say yes to you.”

What moves me is his choice. He doesn’t feel like love, he is choosing love.

Sure, love may start with a feeling and express itself as an emotion, but it needs to move to intentional action if it’s going to last. Because if I were to only be loved by those that feel like loving me, I’d be alone.  I mess up. I mean really. Y’all, I have to apologize after homework nearly every night – just one example among many. And he still chooses to love me! My husband still loves me even when I hurt him. Jesus still loves me even when I sin against him. Think about that. That ultimate choice of love. Beaten, bloody, humiliated and dying on the cross, I highly doubt Jesus felt love for me. But he chose to love me anyway. And in doing so gave the greatest gift of love of all time. My salvation.

And now my calling is to love others. To choose others, even when I don’t feel like it. To show it with action and to express it with words. Like on an Aqua Note. From the heart of a child. Love is a choice. Who are you choosing to love?

Everyday ministry

My friend Jamie recommended Jennie Allen’s new book Restless so I’ve been reading through it, and y’all, I’ve lost count of the nuggets of wisdom I’ve highlighted. And I’m not a highlighter. But this one particularly resonated with me:

“Often we applaud exceptional ministry
and miss the everyday ministry that nobody sees.”

This is so true. Do you think of the neighbor bringing you a meal as ministry? Do you think you’re ministering when you pick up a friend at the airport? Or do laundry? Clean the bathroom? Or head up a PTA project? You should! This loving kindness changes things. It helps people. And it brings joy.

Turns out I’m really good at the everyday ministry. I’ll invite you over and I’ll watch your kids. I’ll bring you food and organize a needed girl’s night out. I’ll listen to you, love you and (rarely) judge you. Hey, nobody’s perfect. But until this moment I’ve never thought of this as ministry. It’s just who I am. And that’s a beautiful thing. And an embarrassing thing to write about! But that’s the problem. We don’t talk about our gifts so they’re not thought of as gifts. My intent is not to boast but to celebrate God’s created abilities. And you should start celebrating yours! Let’s have a party! I’ll host.

Now, is this the only calling God has on my life? I don’t know. I’m only halfway through the book. Smileys

But I know that’s where I am now – in the midst of everyday ministry – and I’m going to be more intentional with it.

I highly recommend Restless and you can join in the online book club each Monday night with Jennie and Jamie, as well. Happy reading!


Excerpt From: Allen, Jennie. “Restless.” Thomas Nelson, 2013-11-01. iBooks.