When wrong teaches us right

Picture day was this week at the kids’ school. We’re blessed they get to attend a great charter and part of the deal is that they wear uniforms. But on this day, picture day, they got a free dress pass. This is huge. Epic. It was a Wednesday and they could wear whatever they wanted. FREEEEEEEEDOM!

But let’s not forget about the picture part. Mom didn’t necessarily want them picking out their own outfits. And let’s be honest. I’m really not concerned about them. I’m thinking about him and the likely ensemble of a Darth Vader t-shirt and camo shorts my son would choose. So I did what all Love & Logic parents do… I bribed him. I told him I would give him $2 to wear the shirt of my choice. Which he quickly and gladly agreed to. Success! Right?

Wrong. My kid sold out his heart’s desire for a lousy 2 bucks! And I set him up for it! It all flashed before my eyes and I see him as a rising business executive making crass and unethical decisions because back when he was 7 his mom showed him to value the dollar over conviction. So I immediately regret this transaction and tell him that if he truly feels led for Darth Vader to join him in his 2nd grade photo, then by God, no amount of money should influence him. But it was too late by then. The dollar had won. I had won. And I felt terrible. Still do, but life is a lesson and I learned mine this time.

So parents, hang in there. We’re not always going to get it right. In fact, I think some of the best lessons come from when we get it wrong.


They don’t look like they’re doing too bad, right?