Lesson from Santa and a too bright sun

All I wanted was a cute picture of the kids with Santa. You know, the one with the classically jolly Santa with a twinkle in his eye, my perfectly groomed offspring looking in the same direction towards the same camera, loving smiles on their faces. This, so that I could prove to myself and the world that I had it all together. Look at how precious we are.

Why this was so important to me, I have no idea, because we don’t even do Santa. We don’t NOT do Santa, we just generally don’t make a big deal of Santa. This wasn’t an intentional decision we just tend to focus more on the history of St. Nick and the birth of Jesus. But Santa’s cool and I wanted a cute picture. The perfect picture. And this is what I got of the two of them. Hello sun.

photo 3

But you know what? It’s alright because we ran into some really good friends and that was a surprise and awesome!

photo 4

photo 1

So thanks, Santa and that glaring sun, for reminding me what’s really important this season. Grace, love and Merry Christmas!

photo 5