I’ve been overwhelmed by all the happy lists. You know the ones… these 6 things will make you happier… science says these 10 things will create happiness… supremely happy people do these 20 things… do these 12 things differently and you’ll be happy… and y’all, this was from an 8 second Google search.

I’m sure I could spend actual time researching the topic and discover more, but I can guarantee you that it wouldn’t bring me happiness. Because here’s what strikes me about all these lists: happiness is fleeting. Most of these suggestions are situational. It doesn’t make them wrong — change your situation, work out more, smile more, be more grateful and you will be happier.

Apparently, happiness is easily influenced.

But wouldn’t it be better to seek true joy? Something that doesn’t vanish just because you’re having a bad day. Or experiencing a loss. Or going through a tragedy. Or didn’t get to the gym. Something in those times that actually lifts you up. That’s joy. And that comes from something greater than a list.

seek joy